Services Nuova Eurotar

The company currently manufactures all types of products including the most advanced and technologically complex required to meet the needs of the sectors to which it is interested and involved.

Starting from the double sided until multilayer (flexible, rigid and rigid-flexible, the latter produced exclusively with a selective non-adhesive technique), Nuova Eurotar is able to use these for the more complex applications, such as:

The main finishes will include:

The production cycle relies, instead on some important technological solutions:

All of the types of products and technological solutions available, listed and used by Nuova Eurotar are only part of what the company is capable of realizing.

The constant ínterest of the firm to study new projects proposed by the most qualified customers involves an ongoing and continuous adaptation of the structure to the new requirements, in terms of facilities and infrastructure, but also in terms of training qualified employees and staff awareness.

A path of continued improvement is what our company will seek and pursue. Nuova Eurotar company wants to continue to experience success with the active cooperation of the most qualified clients, both current and future.

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