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Nuova Eurotar was developed in Rome, in 1986. The former company "Eurotar" had already been active in the market for over twenty years.

The Nuova Eurotar project was created with the aim of providing two distinct features to the marketplace. Our objective is to provide quick service and guaranteed high quality service. Our speed and quality service has been the fuel that has allowed our company to enter the commerciai circuit, rapidly and successfully. Our strong focus on quality has been a driving factor for the company. Additionally, two other strong factors have allowed our company to thrive in the industry during recent years, even when faced with incredible and unpredictable changes which were either structural or permanent. These two strong factors are technological innovation and the development of operational know-how.

The necessity of having to be a fast, flexible and agile company, while continuing to be qualified and well structured, from the onset has allowed the company to pursue and obtain impressive results both technologically and commercially simultaneously. Such results have allowed us to continue on the path of continuous development. Our development is strong, focused and attentive to the market needs and always ready to quickiy and effectively handie our client's needs.

Our company's vision is Customer Satisfaction based on a close partnership which is completely open to the studying, planning and the evaluation of any technical-constructive need, even for the most ambitious customer. Therefore, our customer's needs are always at the center of our business pian and are our priority.

This is what Nuova Eurotar today is ali about!

We are an organization strongly motivated toward the continuous redefining of our operational boundaries. A company which has grown steadily thanks to the strength of our sound choices and actions in an extremeiy competitive and complex macroeconomic environment. A company stili remaining faithful to its originai goals and objectives. A business with targeted investments in equipment and human resources and devoting most of the profits made over the years to guarantee the constant improvement of these targets. Therefore, we would like to represent a valuable and qualified tool for the study and experimental activities for our clients, which is perfectly integrated and consistent with the design structures and in line with the strategic objectives pursued by these customers. Our company is a consistent activity that follows the product at ali stages, from conception to delivery. Including studying the project, its feasibility, the choice of materials and processes used, the finish to be applied, industrialization production chain and testing until the delivery and after-saies service. After-saies service makes use of a service of collection, analysis, correction, statistics and filing of all reports related to feedback from customers, in order to process and monitor continuous improvement that has always been at the center of the company policy: ali of the above is done in optics and in accordance with the strict Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008 CERT-08803-2001-AQ-ROM-SINCERT) of which the company has since the year 2001. Nuova Eurotar used cares very much about the study phase of each project, making their technical staff and resources readily availabie to meet their customer's needs. We use knowledge which has been deveioped and hardened by years of continued commitment in solving the most complex technical and productive issues. We offer a service that has often proven valuable and sometimes decisive for the achievement of the many ambitious goals set out during the course of the years by our qualified customers. Nuova Eurotar is firmly convinced of the need to continue to focus and implement their skilis and structure in the same direction so far.

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